How To Make Secondary Admin or Manager For Your YouTube Channel – YouTube Permission

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Youtubers Jigyasha back again, If You want to make Secondary YouTube Manager or Admin for your Channel then it is possible now. As you all know, There was no option before to make secondary YouTube Manager or YouTube Admin for Channel.

But it is possible now, YouTube has launch an a new feature in which you can give control to any other person of your Channel. Give the permission to make changes in your YouTube account with out giving your YouTube channel login details.

Yes, In this YouTube new feature or YouTube Update 2020 you can give limited access or permission to your secondary manager or Admin as how much you want. Basically there are for types of Permission parameters & In all these 4 types of Permission has different – different access limitation.

Read the below paragraphs carefully and apply anyone which you want but only then when you want –

How to Make YouTube Manager or Admin

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We are going to tell you the method now by which you can make it. we will try try to tell you in brief with maximum step by step.

  • First of all, Go to your channel and move to setting option
  • Here you will get 5 option, Click permission option & open

YouTube manager or admin

  • Then you will see something this type interface

  • Now click on Invite option
  • It is asking now to enter user email address

  • Enter the email address to whom you want to make admin or manager for your channel
  • Then click on access drop down option

  • Here you will 4 types of permission

We are telling you now all 4 permissions types in details read carefully and choose which you want.

1. YouTube Permission – Manager

In this permission access, The secondary user will have most of the control of your YouTube Channel.

User can edit and see every thing, Revenue, views, subscribers, comments, permissions, internal setting, tags, title, your subscription list & everything else but user will not have permission to delete your channel. User can see and edit all thing but he/she can’t delete your channel.

2. Editor

As you can understand by the name Editor, mean’s the user will have permissions to edit, Now let see in detail.

In this permission the user will have access to edit everything of your channel but, User will not some permissions, The user can’t remove or add anything, can not delete your channel and the user can not enter in to contracts.

3. Viewer

The name is Viewer, From my way of thinking I didn’t need to tell you about this third permission but, do not think more because I will tell so let see in detail.

In this permission, The user will have access to see everything means the user can view but can’t edit or make any changes. The Secondary Admin and Secondary Manager can see everything. Like views, subscribers, monetisation earning and everything but can’t edit anythings.

4. Viewer ( Limited )

If you have read all above three permissions and going to choose anyone then stop because this for permission type is the best.

In this permission, The user will get access of your channel but will get only limited access means. The user will able to see every thing but can’t see your revenue. The secondary Manager or Admin of your YouTube Channel will not have any access to edit or make any changes in anything of your channel. So from my recommendation the 4th permission type is the best one because we are sharing thing without sharing anything.

I mean every YouTubers want to hide there earning, Every YouTuber never want to give permission to make changes in channel. What are you waiting now choose anyone and make secondary manager and admin for your YouTube Channel Account.

Thank you Team

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