YouTube New Update | YouTube Terms of Service will be updated on 10 December 2019

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Today in this post we are going to tell about a New YouTube Update and before starting we want to clear you all a very most important thing that all these updates will applicable from 10 December 2019, So Please read this post very Carefully and to know about new paytm earning app click


YouTube Terms of Service will be updated from 10 December 2019 and now YouTube is going to do a lot changes in these Terms of Services, So do not waste let see Top 5 Major Changes in YouTube 2019 Update

Top 5 Changes in YouTube Terms of Services Update

1. YouTube update about Age Restriction 

As you all know very well that, Nowadays YouTube is worlds second biggest Search Engine, So there is also a lot of students who use YouTube to Study but the question is that Is YouTube is good to study for under 13 Years age of Children’s❓The answer is Yess YouTUbe is a very good platform to learn but there is also a lot of content which is the only foe above 18 years Peoples, so it can happen, no actually it can not happen actually it is Happening

The children under 13 years of age are watching content of above 18 years of age and that children are getting demotivated from there study and as well as they are getting addicted, therefore now under 13 years age of children will need permission from there parents to operate YouTube, if the parents will give permission to YouTube then YouTube will show the Content to there children otherwise the children under age of 13 can operate only YouTube Kids, not YouTube

2. YouTube Update about Fake Strick Update

If you are a YouTuber then these YouTube New update is especially for you because YouTube takes a very major and a very good action against YouTube Fake Copyright Strick, Till now what was happening owner was sending a legal notice to youtube and just mention the content and the exact time that actually at what time in any video they there own content in any other you channel videos and YouTube just send the strick to that YouTuber foe which YouTube received Notice.

But since from now after sending strick YouTube will also send the reason that why you are getting the strick means youtube will send you the notice also which he received from others who are claiming that content in your video is of them, Now what will happen, If anyone received YouTube Strick then he will able to see reason and if receiver got some mistakes then he can appeal a counter file for that strick and he can recognize. simply that is totally YouTube Fake Strick

3. YouTube Update about Team Contacting Problem

If you are a YouTuber then this YouTube Latest Update is only for you, because if you are YouTuber then definitely you will facing a lot of problems to create a communication with YouTube Team regarding your queries, But now YouTube is saying that he will launch some new updates on 10 December 2019 by which a YouTuber can easily establish a connection with YouTube Team regarding there problems and queries to sort Out

4. YouTube Update about Watch Time Update

If you are a Creator on YouTube then definitely you will know that what is the meaning of watch time on YouTube, so we can leave the definition of YouTube Watch Time, Now let’s start from the main point, Till now you all are seeing you watch time in minutes but from 10 December 2019 you will not able to see the watch time minutes, No No No it does not means that you can not see your watch time Anymore

Now you will see your watch time only in hours because youtube is going to change this and now you will see you all watch time reports in hours, You will not able to see Watch Time in Minute, So this is also a big update for YouTubers

5. YouTube Update about Title, Description, and FT Updates

This update is for all type YouTubers, Vloggers, Collaborator, Promoter, etc. If you are YouTuber then this update will make you happy because after 10 December 2019 you can mention to any YouTube Channel by using @ Sign { Like in Twitter you use @ to mention anyone }

Now after New Update of YouTube, you can mention anyone in your YouTube video Title and in Description by using @ and this is a very great Update from YouTube in 2019 because by mentioning feature we can get direct traffic or direct Views on our YouTube Channel

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